CHD 4615 Daytona State College Open Schools Act Family Impact Analysis

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Outline of Assignment:

Use the following outline to organize your paper, using APA-style headers throughout with these sections. There are three main sections to your paper, as follows:

Using the Family Impact Discussion Starters tool, answer each question to perform a Family Impact Analysis of your issue/policy of focus. Use the Family Impact Discussion Starter questions to organize your analysis into subsections. Pull together information from your research articles, along with the specific policy you chose, to summarize and analyze the topic according to the Family Impact Discussion Starter questions. You must clearly apply and reference your research articles in this section as they apply to the Discussion Starterquestions. The Discussion Starter questions are summarized below, but use the details from Chapter 12 on this tool when preparing your paper. Remember that each of these questions is related to the Family Impact Principles, so view that content to gain a better understanding of each of the Discussion Starter questions. I already summarized and analyzed the topic the part above so please just add on to what I have starting with= Family Impact Discussion Starter Questions: H.R.6380 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Open Schools Act, H.R.6380, 117th Cong. (2021),

How will the Open Schools Act:

a.Support rather than substitute for family members’ responsibilities to one another?

b.Reinforce family members’ commitment to each other and to the stability of the family unit?

c.Recognize the power and persistence of family ties, and promote healthy couple, marital, and parental relationships?

d.Acknowledge and respect the diversity of family life (e.g., different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds; various geographic locations and socioeconomic statuses; families with members who have special needs; and families at different stages of the life cycle)?

e.Engage and work in partnership with families?

Intended vs. Unintended consequences of the policy:

The family impact lens helps us identify both intended consequences (what the policy plans to do) and unintended consequences (what the policy unintentionally does, either positive or negative). After exploring the family impact discussion starter questions, consider what your policy’s intended and unintended consequences for families might be. 

Reflect on the usefulness of the Family Impact Lens and on what you personally gained from studying this public policy topic.  Discuss whether there are beneficial effects that might have been overlooked without a Family Impact Analysis, or if there are harmful effects that a Family Impact Analysis might help avoid. How did the experience of applying the Family Impact Lens using the Family Impact Discussion Starters tool shape your understanding of the policy implications? How did this process impact your values and thinking on the issue? 


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