Central Texas College Rise of Political Violence in The United States Paper

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Short Essay

In approximately two double-spaced pages, discuss the current threat of political violence in the United States. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in highly visible political violence.

Is this part of a regular cycle of occasional political violence in the US? Or is it different in some way? (This will require you to point out the actors and what they are trying to achieve/ why they are acting)

Would you expect an increase in political violence over the next several years?

  • If so, how do we defuse it?
  • If not, what causes it to wane?

How does current political violence relate to our system of government? Is government the target?

  • If not, what is or is government one of multiple targets?
  • If so, is the violent opposition an existential threat? Do you foresee changes in our system or can government either withstand/ tolerate or defeat the threat—what would that take?

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