Causes and Consequences of Democracy Memorandum

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memo 1 question and readings.

Regimes: What are the causes and consequences of democracy, regime change, and autocracy?…

 Lijphart book ( chapter 3)

article attached ( Przeworski et al on democracy )

article attached ( ghandi and przeworski)

article attached (samuels on regime change)

memo 2

Question: Political Economy: What are the causes of national prosperity, poverty and social welfare provision?


Article attached ( esping anderson. )

Article attached ( betz development )

article attached ( ikenberry)

article attached ( przeworski et al on democracy and economic outcomes)


Question: Political Stability: What are the causes of social mobilization, civil war, terrorism, and civil peace?


Attached reading (Contentious politics and social movment”) intro and chapter 1

Attached reading ( welzel and alvarez)

Attached reading ( soifer ” the development state…

 Book ( Inglehart) Chapter 6


Question: Political Culture: What are the causes and consequences of cross-national differences in political culture?



Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Attached readings ( Welzel the political culture” )

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