Capella University ACHE Healthcare Executive Competencies Assessment Tool Paper

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Assignment Content

  1. In this assignment, you have the opportunity to examine the theoretical principles associated with sociological perspectives of crime.
    Watch “Why They Kill” from the University Library. Sangue Films, LLC (2017). Why They Kill (57:42) [Full video], Films on Demand.This is a comprehensive overview of the criminal mind. To gain the most from this assignment, you are encouraged to watch the video in its entirety before you begin working on the assignment.Select two of the following video segments:

    • Introduction: Why They Kill
    • “To Fully Appreciate the Outcome, One Must Experience the Process”
    • Did You Hear That?
    • Stage 1: Brutalization
    • Stage 2: Belligerency
    • Stage 3: Violent Performances
    • Stage 4: Virulency
    • Violentization Interrupted

    Consider the following theories as they relate to the video segments you selected:

    • Social structure theories view societal, financial, and social arrangements or structures as the primary cause of deviant and criminal behaviors.
    • Social process theories view deviant and criminal behaviors as evolving mechanisms learned through societal interaction.
    • Social development theories view deviant and criminal behaviors as part of a maturational process.

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:

    • Summarize the subject or content of each video segment chosen.
    • Identify what major principles of sociological theory are addressed in the video.
    • Explain how each of the video segments you selected align with the three theories outlined above.
    • Explain what social issues are raised in the video based on the three theories.
    • Explain the role of sociological theories on crime causation on policy implementation.

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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