art disscussions to be completed today. 2 paragraphs per each discussion.

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Here are the two discussion questions. You will need to do a little research for images pertaining to the discussion and elaborate on each. Please follow the text closely. Asking atleast 2 paragraphs per discussion. Would be best for someone who has taken an art class. Please copy the links in the document so that I will be able to reference/cite them.


Vis-Lit: Photographs, Advertisements, Film Stills, Package Designs, or Movie Posters
Post two examples of photographs, advertisements, film stills, package designs, or movie posters (scanned from a print source or send us to a website) that illustrate specific color principles or design elements.

Use the following questions as guidelines for the discussion:
Would you describe the compositional balance as symmetrical or asymmetrical? What techniques are used to direct the viewer to certain pictorial or textual information? In what way does the figure-ground relationship help to construct the meaning of the visual image? What pictorial devices are used to create the feeling of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface? Within the same visual space, what happens when different size shapes or objects are juxtaposed? What generalizations can you make about spatiality and taste, class, and gender? How is color used? Are certain colors expected to generate specific responses? In what way does the lighting establish the intensity of the visual experience?

Please respond to at least two other students.


Assignment Vis-Lit: Examples of Advertisements, Posters, or Billboards
Post two examples of different kinds of advertisements, posters, or billboards (scanned from a print source or send us to a website) that draw on linguistic and visual metaphors and metonymies to support their message.

Use the following questions as guidelines for the discussion:
What signs do you find? How do they work? What is the relationship between image and text? What role do metaphor and metonymy play in the advertisement? Do you detect any codes functioning?


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