American Government and Politics Essay

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Can you help me understand this Political Science question?

Building Block #2 is a new paper on a new topic (but related to what you’ve already been writing about). Do NOT re-use anything from Building Block #1 in this paper. But since it will be eventually be combined with Building Block #1 to make the Rough Draft of your Final Essay, try to think of how you will weave it together with what you’ve already written, as you’re planning and writing it.

Since you have already done an essay on Property, Pursuit of Happiness, and Privacy, here are some ways you could write a new paper that later connects to those things. You do NOT have to use one of these topics. These are just suggestions in case you are having a hard time thinking of a theme that connects:

1) talk about your opinion on the balance between an individual’s liberty and the safety of the public during the pandemic. What trade-offs have been / should’ve been / should NOT have been made between: 1) an individual’s freedom to move around, attend events, not wear a mask, travel, see other people, etc.; and 2) the safety of the public in terms of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

2) talk about your opinion about the trade-offs between law & order and civil rights (equality) that have come up as a result of the recent debates around the Black Lives Matter protests, police violence, and calls to reform (or even de-fund) the police.

3) link property and privacy by talking about how companies make money off of your personal data without paying you for it.

4) or come up with your own topic! As long as you can connect it to what you’ve already written, to form what will eventually be one longer essay on your views about property rights, pursuit of happiness, privacy, and whatever you choose here.

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