Adler University The Bureau of Justice Statistics Website Findings & Analysis

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Assignment One

In research, there are various steps you will follow to help you find the outcomes of the actions taken and the data collected. Each step is important when you are working to find results and to possibly create a plan. This week, you will explain elements of the data you have collected for your selected topic and share them with the team.

Write a summary of the data tables you collected from the BJS website about your selected topic for the Week 1 assignment. 

Include the following in your data table summary:

Explain the data assessment process used in your research topic.

Discuss the validity and reliability of the research.

  • Explain how the collected data is processed into findings that the end user understands.
  • Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed reference per team member.
  • Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 

Assignment Two

Assignment Content

Research analysis allows you to determine how a research study was developed and designed, and how the researcher ascertained the data. Research effectiveness can be increased, and analyzing the process will help strengthen the outcomes.
Select 1 recent criminal justice research article from a recognized, peer-reviewed, professional journal or government publication that discusses a research study. Note: Non-peer-reviewed newspaper articles or articles from popular magazines, such as Time or Newsweek, are not acceptable for this assignment. For assistance determining what constitutes a professional, peer-reviewed resource, contact your instructor.
Write a 1,400-word paper using the article you selected in which you address the following:

Identify the purpose of the research study, problem, and questions.

Describe the design of the study.

  1. Identify whether the research study is a quantitative or qualitative design. Explain your answer.

Explain and identify the methodology, population, sampling methods, and return rate, if applicable.

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