Accounting 220 Paper and Power Point

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Link to SEC 10K report for Nike :



The paper should be one to two pages in length, single spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. Use ‘headers’ for sections such as Inventory and Accounts Receivable. You may have other sections as well. Double space between paragraphs. The paper is your opportunity to use accounting terms and concepts from our class and relate them to a company of interest to you.


Use your own words. Do not copy and paste material. If you copy and paste any financial statements or areas from the SEC 10-K this will not count toward the page length requirement. Take care to avoid issues of academic dishonesty. Your works cited list should include the web address for your SEC 10-K so I can access it as you did. Your works cited list should also include our textbook. Any other resources should be cited in text using APA style. We use APA style for in text citations and for the works cited list.




Include a copy of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.






Paragraph describing company, operations, fiscal year, any other items you found that might be important. (Type of income statement)




What does the company’s inventory consist of, what method do they use, how does one year compare to another.  Inventory turnover?  Any impairments or other changes?




Where do their revenues come from, how do they compare from year to year.  How is the company doing?  Does the company state why there was an increase or decrease?


Gross Operating Profit:


How is the company managing inventory? Is their gross profit increasing or decreasing in relation to sales.  How does one year compare to the other?  


Cost of Goods Sold:


What does their Cost of Goods Sold Consist of?    What is the amount, is this improving in relation to sales.


Internal Controls:


Any information about internal controls and auditors found in the notes.


Property and Equipment:


How does one year compare to another.  Is the company purchasing or selling off equipment.  What depreciation method do they use?


Goodwill and Intangible Assets:  


Explain other assets that the company holds.  Any information on these assets in the Notes?




Receivables and how they compare from one year to the next.  How many days in inventory.  Is the company improving collections?


Allowance for Doubtful Accounts:


Does the company allow returns?  Do they record an allowance?




Any unusual or contingent liabilities?  Discussions in the Notes?




Analysis of company in your own words.


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